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Dear Adz,
I wanted to say a huge thank you for delivering your session on Positive Mindset to my HR team. The session was very well received indeed, with the team collectively, and individually, commenting how much they had taken away from it. The way you draw on your experiences and turn this into an engaging, uplifting and encouraging session for others is of great credit to you. I loved your delivery, which is very energetic, and how you managed to weave in the key takeaways you wanted to convey. Both you and your messages will certainly be remembered by my team. I would highly recommend this Positive Mindset session to other teams in a Corporate setting. All the best in your future endeavours.
Yours sincerely
Debbie Waddington
HR Director - Keepmoat Homes
Adz was the keynote speaker at a recent event at HMP Five Wells, the event was called inspirational voices and was formulated to inspire men in custody by men who have been in a similar situation to themselves. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the event was received by all those that attended, including staff and prisoners. The speech was not just targeted at those that have been in custody, but could be taken on board by anyone needing that focus to have a positive mindset. After knowing Adz from custody and seeing the man he has grown into and the motivation and passion he gives to his work is nothing but inspiring.
Chris Jones
FLM HMP Five Well
Since the speech I've been up at 0630 every morning and completed my Cell workout and continued studying. I want to keep a positive mindset and seeing Adz enthusiasm after being in prison and released has help me focus. I'm focused again, I've been on a downward spiral after over the last few months, and I was in a good place. This has helped me realize what I need to do to get back on track, Thank you Adz. What a great Guy, so inspirational, if he can do that on a life sentence I can surely help myself, I'm here at Five Wells with all the help I need. Im ready to go again! (anon)
Prison Inmate
HMP Five Wells
Adz delivered a hard-hitting and inspiring speech to a large group of our Y12 & 13 sixth-form students. In addition to this, Ad anecdotal stories and interjections of humour engaged the audience with what can be complex and heavy topics. Initially, it was envisaged that the speech would be delivered to Criminology students however, as word spread students from psychology, sociology, uniform services, and history were all in attendance. Adz was exceptionally obliging of the larger group, which opened the opportunity to even more students. Prior to attending, Adz communicated his preparation of the speech, tailoring it according to our discussions and the relevance of the student's studies. Adz covered a large breadth of topics; the law around Joint Enterprise, the prison system and reform, and IP sentences and their impact. This has been advantageous to our students to learn and understand in practice the reality of the laws and systems around.
Sophie Crellin
Teacher, Ridgewood School
Adz supported an event organised at HMP Five Wells where he spoke no a number of staff and over 70 prisoners about having a positive mindset and his time in custody. It was an emotional and hard hitting event that Adz contributed to. It is felt that men in custody are more likely to engage and consider change when spoken to by someone that has lived in their shoes, and that is why Adz was brought on board. From the get go Adz was extremely committed to assisting us with our event, he worked with the establishment to ensure the event went without any issues. The feedback from our men in custody has been nothing but positive and a month after the event our men are still referring back to this even and how they have started to implement changes in their day to day living to maintain a positive mindset.
Jed Wilson
Residential Manager HMP Five Wells
Adz's motivational speech was a huge success at Nuffield Health Gym! He engaged our staff with his blend of hard-hitting stories and humor, delivering a tailored speech to our diverse group. Adz's focus on mental and physical well-being, determination, and resilience left a lasting impact on our staff, who left feeling motivated and empowered. His personal story of transformation and success had a powerful impact on our team and his sales training techniques were also highly effective. Adz's message of hope and determination provided our staff with practical insights and the tools they need to succeed both in their personal and professional lives. We highly recommend Adz's motivational services to any organization looking to inspire and empower their staff.
General Manager
Nuffield Health, Chesterfield